The Gentle Warrior’s Way

Feminine health, vitality and empowerment

Our reproductive and sexual energies are an expression of the original impulse for life.  Shiatsu, yoga and Qigong practices have long been practiced to cultivate and harness these energies in an embodied way.  At each stage of the feminine cycle – puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, peri- and post-menopause, we have an opportunity to enhance our health, creativity and zest for life.

This workshop is for conscious women wishing to create an empowered reality for ourselves, our clients and the world.  Healing, shiatsu, Qigong, movement, breath, touch and  inspiration with like-minded women.

On this workshop we will explore

  • Feminine health, vitality and empowerment
  • Meridian and organ energetics of the female reproductive system. Includes Heart-Uterus.
  • Shiatsu & ShinTai with a feminine focus for reproductive and hormonal health.
  • Kuan Yin Qi gong – named after the Taoist Goddess of Compassion
  • Natural activation of oestrogen and hormonal balance.
  • Working with the uterus, ovaries, breasts (self-shiatsu!!), Hara (abdomen) and hips. Note: we can work with the energy of the organ even if it has been removed. In fact it’s especially important to do so!
  • Creative power of sexual energy
  • Balancing the feminine (Yin) and masculine (Yang)
  • Feminine self-mastery – creating an empowered reality for ourselves and the world

3 day workshop for shiatsu and bodywork practitioners

Nottingham UK     11-13 November at Nottingham Buddhist Centre

Exchange: £325 before 31 Aug, £360 after. Flexible payment.

Lisbon, Portugal    5-7 October   For details contact Fernanda Sousa Tavares email

Kindy Kaur – Shiatsu ShinTai Transformational Bodywork Therapist & Teacher

I work with conscious souls who dream of a better world, the healers, the new leaders. Supporting them to connect with the wisdom of their body, to align with their highest truth and to build the inner resources to follow their heart’s calling and make their difference in the world.

For over 40 years I have explored our healing potential, merging science, spirituality and the body, with almost 30 years practising and teaching Shiatsu, Eastern bodywork and ancient energy healing practices. My work is evolving to empower those I have come to know as the “Gentle Warriors” who are here to birth an empowered reality for ourselves and the world.

Lovely reflections from students

“For a person looking for answers, this work is a gift. It opens up a new and beautiful awareness of existence. Studying with Kindy has changed my life in many ways. Helped me to find my power, trust in myself and others and participate in my healing process in a non-judgmental way”


“A powerful, wonderful, knowledgable, life changing experience”


“An incredible opportunity to expand your repertoire, practice and mind. The energy of the group creates a powerful learning environment, whilst being nurturing and supportive”