What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a holistic Japanese bodywork therapy combining ancient Oriental philosophy and Western anatomy & physiology. Sensitive, compassionate and focussed touch is used to harmonise and energise the whole system and help it to discover its own healing capabilities.

Today shiatsu has become a diverse and rich bodywork therapy with many different approaches and philosophies. My work is predominantly influenced by Shiatsu ShinTai, an evolution of traditional shiatsu developed by Saul Goodman.


  • improved energy & vitality
  • pain relief
  • Improved joint mobility –  back, neck, shoulder, hip, ……
  • improved digestion, immunity, reproductive health
  • support during pregnancy & post-birth
  • enthusiasm for life, increased creativity and motivation
  • enhanced spiritual development and consciousness

Note: Shiatsu does not replace medical care, but works safely alongside it. If you have health concerns please consult your GP.

How does shiatsu work?

Ki or Qi is the creative, regenerative energy, our Life Force that enables us to engage with life, gives us motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm. It provides physical strength, emotional stability and mental agility.

In health our Qi is strong and free flowing, we are creative, enthusiastic and strong-willed with a zest for life. Our bodies are strong and we have the capacity to quickly respond to illness and adjust to regain health. Anything that adversely affects the flow of Qi will affect the body, mind & spirit.

Shiatsu stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities by addressing imbalances in the flow of Qi using pressure, stretches, movement, soft-tissue releases and muscle energy techniques. The effect is to relax the nervous system, improve circulation, correct structural imbalances  and restore the body’s homeostasis physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Find more information about shiatsu on the Shiatsu Society UK website.

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