Structural Alignment – Hips, Sacrum & Spine

27-29 April & 22-24 June 2024 – Nottingham, UK

5-8 October – Lisbon, Portugal

Misalignment and restricted mobility of the hips, sacrum and spine can be at the root of numerous complaints such as back, knee, shoulder and neck pain. Improving alignment of the hips can also benefit hormonal, digestive and circulatory problems, as well as reproductive and sexual function. Addressing structural misalignments helps the meridians and chakras flow better and can  improve chronic symptoms which are resistant to change. 

In Shiatsu ShinTai healing work we see the hip joints as the structural aspect of the Hara. The condition of our Hara reflects in the quality of life we are able to manifest. Improving the alignment and mobility of the hips affects the condition of our Hara and the quality of life we create.

In this 6 day course, practitioners will learn how to evaluate and correct specific misalignments of the hips, sacrum, and lumbar spine.  You will learn muscle energy corrections to bring about immediate changes in posture and structure which last over time. These ShinTai techniques offer an extremely effective yet non-invasive approach to structural alignment and will improve your skill and confidence as a bodyworker.

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“This course has expanded my body awareness and given me confidence to work with structural alignment

using completely safe and gentle techniques!”

What can this course offer you?

  • You will become a better bodyworker and achieve more results in less time with your clients.
  • You will learn a set of skills to improve hip, back, knee, shoulder and neck pain/mobility
  • You will learn structural adjustments which are safe and gentle to use on most clients
  • You will see immediate changes in posture and structure which last over time
  • You will understand the underlying philosophy of what you are doing and why it is so effective.
  • You will experience alignment and freedom in your own pelvis, and the knock on effects of that! Priceless !

Course Overview

  • Detailed evaluation of posture, joint motion and alignment
  • Hip Clearing techniques
  • Muscle Energy Techniques for alignment of the hips, sacrum and lumbar spine
  • High ileum adjustment
  • Sacroiliac joint adjustment
  • Anterior/posterior rotation of the ilia
  • Pubic symphysis adjustment
  • Curvature of lumbar spine
  • Sacrum misalignment – 4 specific adjustments

Two opportunities for shiatsu and bodywork practitioners

Nottingham, UK : 27-29 April & 22-24 June 2024    Sat & Sun 10am-5.30pm,  Mon 10am-5pm

Venue: Nottingham Buddhist Centre NG1 1PH   Short walk or tram ride from Nottingham rail station.

Exchange:  £595 paid in full by 29 February.  £650 thereafter.   £425 if repeating the 6 day course. £100 deposit secures your place.

Payment in installments available. Please ask about local accommodation and travel.

Cancellation Policy: The  deposit is non-refundable. The balance of course fees are non-refundable after 22 March. Please check your dates before registering!  Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

Lisbon, Portugal   5-8 October  For details and bookings please contact our Lisbon organiser Fernanda  email  Note: this shorter training in Lisbon does not include the sacrum adjustments. 

This is a professional development course for healing bodywork practitioners – shiatsu, osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, cranio-sacral therapists. A certificate of Continuing Professional Development will be provided.

Kindy Kaur – Shiatsu ShinTai Transformational Bodywork Therapist & Teacher

“I work with conscious souls who dream of a better world, the healers, the new leaders. Supporting them to connect with the wisdom of their body, to align with their highest truth and to build the inner resources to follow their heart’s calling and make their difference in the world.”

 Kindy is former Principal & Director of the British School of Shiatsu-Do in Nottingham and a Fellow of the Shiatsu Society UK. She teaches in the UK and Europe and offers treatments and supervision at her clinic in Nottingham.  Find out more about Kindy here

Lovely reflections from students

“For a person looking for answers, this work is a gift. It opens up a new and beautiful awareness of existence. Studying with Kindy has changed my life in many ways. Helped me to find my power, trust in myself and others and participate in my healing process in a non-judgmental way”

“A powerful, wonderful, knowledgable, life changing experience”

“An incredible opportunity to expand your repertoire, practice and mind. The energy of the group creates a powerful learning environment, whilst being nurturing and supportive”