Stress … and how it affects us

When we encounter stress, be it an injury, a single event or over a period of time, the body responds by creating compression at some level.  Often the compression first affects the vibrational or energetic layers, and then begins to constrict tissues, organs, glands, and bones in the physical body. Over time these stress patterns accumulate in the fascia or connective tissue, resulting in a restricted flow of energy and connection throughout the system. This manifests as a variety of symptoms of chronic imbalance and illness – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual.

The body-mind invests energy in holding these patterns and any compensations that take place within the tissues and structures.  A person’s energy literally becomes locked into the stress pattern so this energy is not available for use in the current life situation. This manifests as feelings of exhaustion, lacking will and motivation to get things done, life is unproductive and uncreative.

The stress memory that is held in the fascia continues to inform the body/mind that the stress event is still happening. Like a TV screen where the picture has become fixed but the story continues to unfold. After some time the picture becomes inappropriate to what is happening in the storyline.  Similarly the stress memory in the tissues erroneously informs the body-mind that the stress event is still going on. So the current life situation is perceived through the filter of past events (or future projections), and we respond to the misinformation and weave it into our current life dynamics through our actions, thoughts and interpretations. The result is more stress, miscommunication and inappropriate action.

When deeply held stress memories are released from the tissues the flow of energy naturally increases. When the primitive information system (GV/CV) is flowing freely it can function without interference from outdated information that is held in stress patterns. As a result the physical body functions better, we have the vitality and motivation to get things done, we are creative and the mind and emotions respond appropriately to the current life situation. We have a clearer sense of who we are and our life direction.

ShinTai  releases deeply held stress patterns and helps people let go of past traumas and future anxieties so they can be more functional in the present moment.