Advanced Central Channel

The Central Channel is a circuit of energy that moves along the pathway of the spinal cord. This Shin Tai course teaches practitioners to evaluate and unlock specific stress patterns held along this pathway (the Governing Vessel) in the meninges. Central Channel work is unique, powerful, and creative, and Advanced Central Channel takes this all to the next level.

This is a great opportunity to get your own energy system clear and aligned so you can more effectively create transformation for yourself and your clients.

Learn to Facilitate Freedom

The first central channel course focuses on creating a linear model for releasing stress patterns of the governing vessel and the deep fascia. This advanced module steps outside the linear structure and explores the unique patterns that may appear in each client’s treatment sequence. It demonstrates how an effective treatment moves seamlessly between the linear and non-linear modes.

The advanced module further defines the use of the proprioceptive suggestion in order to facilitate faster and deeper release of stress patterns. By initiating the client’s connection to their own proprioceptive information, the arrival into present time quickens.


  • Sacral zones and the alarm response
  • Cranial suture contacts for spinal correction
  • Off-body contacts
  • Proprioceptive exercise
  • Positioning for alignment and increase of the breathing wave
  • Alternative contacts
  • Anterior contacts
  • Integration of the physical and vibrational bodies


  • The awakening of the proprioceptive consciousness
  • Development of a non-linear process
  • Transformation of the critical point to holographic access
  • The multiple dimensions of alignment

Evaluation Tools

  • Linear and non-linear awareness
  • Qualities of the vibrational body
  • Sensation of atmosphere shift

Dates: TBC


Venue: Nottingham Buddhist Centre   St Marys Place, Nottinghan NG1 1PH

Please ask for information about local accommodation and travel.

Requirements: You must have completed the first Central Channel course, using it regularly and familiar with the stages and protocols. If you’re unsure if it’s suitable for you, please speak to us. We will be accepting registrations on a case-by-case basis as each participant is on a unique journey.

Kindy 07703 256 708

Liz 07940 041 114