Embody the Chakras

The chakras are energy centres which receive, assimilate and express “life force” energy in the physical body and life. We are always responding to our energetic environment, and the patterns of how we process this information are formed during our early development. As the body becomes tight, rigid and misaligned, the chakras are unable to fully connect and communicate with the body and this translates into physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms. Bodywork plays a crucial role in integrating these functions.

This workshop is an introduction to chakras for experienced shiatsu and healing bodywork practitioners.

On this 3 day workshop you will learn

  • What are chakras?
  • The relationship between the physical body, meridians, energetic anatomy and chakras
  • Exercises and meditations to embody and balance the chakras
  • How to recognise, feel and connect with the chakras
  • Bodywork and energy work to activate, align and balance the chakras

Dates: TBC

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Kindy Kaur – Shiatsu ShinTai Transformational bodywork therapist & teacher

I work with conscious souls who dream of a better world, the healers, the new leaders. Supporting them to connect with the wisdom of their bodies and Spirit, to heal, to align with their highest truth and to build the inner resources to follow their heart’s calling and make their difference in the world.

For over 35 years I have explored our healing potential, merging science, spirituality and the body, with 25 years practising and teaching Shiatsu, Eastern bodywork and ancient energy healing practices. My work is evolving to empower those I have come to know as the “Gentle Warriors” who are here to create a new paradigm.