Shiatsu ShinTai in Nottingham with Kindy KaurShiatsu ShinTai in Nottingham with Kindy Kaur

Kindy offers Shiatsu ShinTai treatments in her clinic in Nottingham and training in the UK and Europe.  With over 27 years experience of practicing and teaching Shiatsu and oriental medicine, ShinTai, yoga, meditation, structural alignment and other energy alignment approaches.

Whether you are seeking treatment for specific physical or emotional symptoms, support during times of stress or want to discover a deeper, spiritual connection with yourself. Kindy draws on her vast and varied experience to help you connect with your own healing potential to discover alignment, vitality and flow in the body, mind and life.

My Approach

Healing is a journey of self-discovery, an unfolding awareness or “Awakening” to a deeper connection with ourselves
and our purpose.


Shiatsu, ShinTai and healing bodywork sessions in Nottingham.  Supporting you to access your own healing potential and discover Alignment, Vitality & Flow.


Shiatsu and healing bodywork courses
to develop your unique talents
and enhance your effectiveness
as a practitioner