Shiatsu for Self-care

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing bodywork therapy which uses the power of touch, movement, meditation and breath to help you connect with the healing wisdom of your body, mind and spirit.

Traditionally in Japan the practice of shiatsu was a part of everyday life.  Families would use shiatsu to relieve minor ailments, healing themselves and each other with touch and energy balancing practices.  It was community medicine – a system and philosophy for healing, self-awareness and self-development.

In this workshop you will learn simple shiatsu bodywork and energy exercises for wellbeing and vitality. You will also learn a simple hands-on shiatsu routine to help family and friends! Bring a friend to practice with!


Open to beginners – no experience necessary.  Some of the exercises may be at floor level but can be adapted to a chair. Please wear clothing that you can easily move in – yoga/gym trousers and a loose top are ideal.


Date: TBC




Kindy Kaur is a leading bodywork educator and expert in Shiatsu, oriental medicine and energy healing practices.  Her life path has led her to explore our healing potential, merging science, spirituality and the body.

For over 30 years Kindy has practised and taught shiatsu to help people transform stress and illness into health, wellbeing and ease in body, mind and soul. She passionately believes that healing is a process of becoming whole and aligned with our true nature and that practices such as shiatsu have the potential to transform lives, families and communities.

Kindy has featured on BBC TV and radio and is former Principal and Director of the British School of Shiatsu-Do in Nottingham. She offers individual shiatsu healing sessions at her clinic in Nottingham as well as workshops, talks and training courses in the UK and Europe.