Healing is an Awakening

Our life is a journey of self –discovery. Most of us at some time have felt the yearning to connect to a path in life that is in tune with our true nature, reclaiming our innate talents and abilities.This is a path of spiritual alchemy where we refine ourselves and our experience as we journey to our sacred and intrinsic Self.

It is more than our career or hobby or making money. Our purpose is to reclaim our true talents, strengths and personality and activate our potential. When we discover this deeper connection with our authentic self we can give of ourselves from a place of intrinsic value.

This is how we make the greatest impact in the world – by standing in our own light and sharing who we really are – our unique gifts, talents and value.

We can deviate from our authentic nature for all sorts of reasons – expectations of family and society, the influence of the media and our education to name a few. Living a life that is not aligned with our true nature can create dissatisfaction, stress or illness. Life, like water, needs to flow. If it stops moving and adapting it becomes stagnant. Fear stagnates our energy  and we can find ourselves stuck in situations that restrict our flow in life.

Eventually the body gives us signs, which may manifest as a variety of symptoms to alert us to this disconnection from ourselves – physical illness / dis-ease, emotional distress, or spiritual distress – a sense that we are not living our lives to our full potential.

When our energy is flowing well, we experience good health and our life flows well. As we rediscover our flow and align with our true nature, we experience the joy and vitality of life and symptoms begin to improve.

Shiatsu ShinTai supports the body’s own healing wisdom in order to encourage flow and connection with the disconnected parts of ourselves. Healing is a process of becoming whole, an unfolding awareness or “Awakening” to our authentic nature and what we are here to do.