Governing Vessel & Spine

22-24 April & 20-22 May 2023 – Nottingham, UK

Shiatsu ShinTai is an innovative bodywork therapy developed by Saul Goodman. It activates our ability to not only heal, but to awaken, evolve and align . The journey is equally healing for practitioner and receiver!

The Governing Vessel directs the development of the other meridians, organs, glands, chakras – and the Spine is its physical manifestation. The flow of life force through this system can become compressed, resulting in symptoms of dis-ease. Working with the spine, neck, ribs, shoulders and hips you will learn ways to diagnose and treat which help to release the underlying energetic patterns. As the flow of life force returns there is an improvement in health and vitality, improved self-confidence, enthusiasm and passion for life.


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Develop your energetic perception

This course includes practices to help you develop and expand into a new range of perception and energetic awareness, giving you the capacity to give deeply transformative treatments and assist in your own self development.  This awareness will also help you to identify patterns of restricted body resonance and determine when, where and how to work during a treatment. This allows us to achieve the greatest result with the minimum amount of effort!.

Watch this video of the GV & Spine course in Lisbon to see the work in action


  • General Release of the Central Channel
  • Treatment of the spine and paravertebral muscles, ribs, scapula and shoulder joints
  • Alignment of the sacroiliac joint
  • Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Structural alignment of the spine and  cervical vertebrae.


  • The origin  of the primary information system
  • The healing power of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • The relationship between the governing vessel and spine
  • The relationship between the governing vessel and parasympathetic nervous system

Evaluation Tools

  • Diagnosis of the governing vessel by motion
  • The three phases of resonance
  • Evaluation of spinal alignment and mobility
  • Evaluation of the cervical spine
  • The Leg Length check

What can this course offer you?

  • You will become a better bodyworker and achieve more results in less time with your clients.
  • You will gain skills to give a very effective healing session
  • You will understand the underlying philosophy of what you are doing and why it liberates the flow of life force.
  • You will develop and expand into a higher sense perception that will give you the capacity to give deeply transformative treatments and assist in your own self development.
  • You will learn a set of skills to develop you as a practitioner and contribute to the well-being of our world.


Nottingham, UK : 22-24 April & 20-22 May 2023  Sat & Sun 10am-5.30pm,  Mon 10am-5pm

Venue  Nottingham Buddhist Centre NG1 1PH   Short walk or tram ride from Nottingham rail station.

Investment for 6 days:  £575 paid in full by 10 February.  £625 thereafter

£410 if repeating the 6 day course. £100 deposit secures your place.

Payment in installments available. Please ask about local accommodation and travel.

Cancellation Policy

The  deposit is non-refundable. The balance of course fees are non-refundable after 24 March. Please check your dates before registering!  Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

This is a professional development course for healing bodywork practitioners – shiatsu, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, cranio-sacral therapists.

Kindy Kaur BSc. Hons, Dip.BSS, FwSS (T) is a transformational bodywork therapist & teacher,with 30 years specialising in Shiatsu, ShinTai and energy healing practices. She is former Principal & Director of the British School of Shiatsu-Do in Nottingham and a registered Teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK. Kindy teaches courses in the UK and Europe and offers Shiatsu ShinTai treatments and supervision at her clinic in Nottingham.