Events & Courses 2021

Specialising in Shiatsu ShinTai  I offer a range of events and  training courses for shiatsu and other healing bodywork practitioners in the UK and Europe. With almost 3 decades experience of shiatsu and healing bodywork, my aim is to inspire, motivate and support you to discover and develop your unique talents and enhance your effectiveness as a bodywork practitioner.

My UK courses are held at the Nottingham Buddhist Centre, unless otherwise stated. I can advise on travel and accommodation – please ask!

I am also happy to teach courses for other groups. Please contact me to discuss if you have a particular request.

Central Channel Release

4-6 Sept & 9-11 Oct – Nottingham

An effective, profound and unique therapeutic bodywork, which will take your practice to the next level and help you achieve new levels of health and freedom in the body and life.

Learn to identify and release energetic patterns which keep us held in past traumas and future anxieties.

Online Shiatsu ShinTai trainings

with Saul Goodman, founder of Shiatsu ShinTai

Experience an introduction to Shiatsu ShinTai or refresh your knowledge and skills if you have already attended a live training.

Beginners can use these courses to increase the health of clients, family and friends. Established bodyworkers can apply the techniques to take their practice to a whole new level.

Support & Supervision classes 

A space for anyone who has attended a course and wants to dive deeper into a particular aspect of Shiatsu or ShinTai, refine their skills and understanding, receive supervision and support, get a treatment swap and come together as a community.

Come and join us! We’d love to see you!

Treatment Masterclass

Receive a treatment and also observe me treating 3 other people. You will see how I integrate ShinTai into my treatments, diagnosis and treatment flow. The intimate group setting amplifies the energetic vibration and often makes for a powerful experience. These are always very popular – maximum 4 participants.

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