Central Channel Release

Central Channel Release is an effective, profound and unique therapeutic bodywork, which will take your practice to the next level. It develops aspects of shiatsu by fusing specific touch contacts and energetic work with membrane releases, fascial unwinding and soft-tissue structural alignment.

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When we encounter stress/trauma, if unresolved the energetic pattern or memory of this stress is held in the body tissues. A person’s energy or Life Force literally becomes locked into the Stress Pattern as though the original stress was still happening. This creates physical, emotional and psychological problems and prevents us fulfilling our potential in the present life situation.

The Central Channel course teaches you to identify and release 6 specific stress patterns, to let go of past traumas and future anxieties to become more functional in the present moment. This is a powerful tool to achieve new levels of health and freedom in the body and life.

Stuck in the Past  – Anxiety about the Future – Identity/Sexuality – Limiting Beliefs
Integration / Synthesis of Opposites – Structural Alignment

Course Overview

  • the Central Channel and its role in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment
  • identify and release specific stress patterns along the Governing Vessel pathway
  • how the body loses life force and how to recover it through bodywork
  • restore natural resonance to the body at the cellular, organ, joint and vibrational levels
  • help clients to engage more actively in their own healing process
  • Prepare to be challenged and embark on an exciting journey of personal development!
CC 4

An incredible course which has added a whole new dimension to my practice. Cannot recommend highly enough!   Pete Anderson, shiatsu and yoga teacher


  • Identification and treatment of 6 specific stress patterns
  • Correction of the short leg
  • Restoring the 3 Phases of Resonance
  • Restoring motion of the atlas and axis vertebrae
  • Therapeutic application of proprioceptive suggestions


  • The process of recovering the lost-self via the recovery of Life Force
  • Phases of re-entering present time
  • How energy/life force is lost through stress events
  • Critical Point theory – achieving the greatest result with the least amount of effort

Evaluation Tools

  • Detecting 3 phases of motion
  • Perceiving radiation
  • Leg Length check
  • Critical point palpation

This is a personal and professional development course for shiatsu, craniosacral, massage therapists, structural therapists, reiki and other healing bodywork practitioners.  Many people attend for their own healing and personal development.

Kindy Kaur FwSS(T) is a transformational bodywork therapist & teacher, specialising in Shiatsu, ShinTai and energy healing practices. She is former Principal & Director of the British School of Shiatsu-Do in Nottingham and a registered Teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK and the British School of Shiatsu-Do. Kindy teaches in the UK and Europe and offers treatments and supervision at her clinic in Nottingham.