What is ShinTai?

ShinTai is an innovative and deeply transformative healing bodywork developed by Saul Goodman – an evolution of traditional shiatsu and a fusion of ancient and contemporary bodywork practices such as structural alignment, fascia release, energy healing, chakra  and meditation practices.

The aim of ShinTai is to clear deeply held energetic patterns and to increase the flow of life force in the body.  This approach taps into the body’s own intelligence and touches the core healing potential of the person.  The effects are felt in the physical body, the emotional and mental condition,  spiritually and in the person’s life.

Watch this 3 minute video for an overview of ShinTai


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Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel

The governing vessel and conception vessel energy channels begin to flow at the time of conception and form the deepest part of the energy system. Together they form the Central Channel, the focus of ancient energy healing practices.

The flow of life force through this system can become compressed over time, resulting in symptoms of dis-ease. The aim of ShinTai is to restore this flow through a variety of approaches working with the spine, fascia & meninges, soft tissue structural alignment, Hara treatment, cranial-meningeal releases, chakras and meditation.

Energetic Stress Patterns

When we encounter stress/trauma we often experience tension in the muscles, organs and glands in the body. If unresolved the energetic pattern or memory of this stress becomes held in the body tissues and a person’s energy or life force literally becomes locked into the stress pattern, as though the original stress was still happening, causing physical, emotional and psychological problems.

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The aim of ShinTai is the recovery of life force which has become trapped in stress memories. ShinTai releases deeply held energetic patterns and helps people let go of past traumas and future anxieties so they can be more functional in the present moment. As the flow of life force returns there is an improvement in health and vitality, improved self-confidence, enthusiasm and passion for life.

Signs of unavailable Life Force

Chronic symptoms, not enjoying life, feeling ineffective, dissatisfaction with job/career, relationship problems, lacking creativity and enthusiasm, feeling overwhelmed / pressure, waiting for something to happen to make life better

Signs of Life Force Recovery

Improved health, more vitality and strength, current life more enjoyable, improved self-confidence and self -esteem, enthusiasm, motivation, passion returns, the will to engage in our own healing process.

ShinTai – Soul Medicine 

Healing is a process of unfolding awareness, a journey of discovery to a deeper connection with ourselves. ShinTai activates our ability to not only heal, but to awaken, evolve and align with our authentic self and our Soul purpose. The awakening of consciousness through bodywork. This is Soul Medicine.