Healing is an Awakening

Our life is a journey of self –discovery. Most of us at some time have felt the yearning to connect to a path in life that is in tune with our true nature, reclaiming our innate talents and abilities.

We can become disconnected from ourselves, or part of ourselves, in many ways. Eventually the body gives us signs, which may manifest as a variety of symptoms to alert us to this disconnection. These symptoms might be physical illness / dis-ease, emotional distress, or spiritual distress – a sense that we are not living our lives to our full potential.

The word ‘heal’ literally means ‘whole’. When we are connected to our wholeness, we experience good health and flow. When we align with our true nature, we experience the joy and vitality of life.

Healing is a process of becoming whole, an unfolding awareness or “Awakening” to our true nature and what we are here to do.

Shiatsu supports the immense resources the body has for being healthy and can deepen our awareness of our true capacity as human beings.

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