Structural Alignment – Hips, Sacrum & Spine

Misalignment and restricted mobility of the hips, sacrum and spine can be at the root of numerous client complaints such as back, knee, shoulder and neck pain. Improving alignment of the hips can also benefit hormonal, digestive and circulatory problems, as well as reproductive and sexual function.  Addressing structural misalignments helps the meridians and chakras flow better and can  improve chronic symptoms which seem resistant to change.

In ShinTai work we see the hip joints as the moveable aspect of the Hara, which in turn is considered to be a manifestation of the Conception Vessel. The condition of our Hara reflects in the quality of life we are able to manifest. Improving the alignment and mobility of the hips affects the condition of our Hara and the quality of life we create.

In this 6 day course, practitioners will learn how to evaluate and correct specific misalignments of the hips, sacrum, and lumbar spine.  They will learn muscle energy corrections to bring about immediate changes in posture and structure which last over time. Many practitioners lack confidence in adjusting structural misalignments. These ShinTai techniques offer an extremely effective yet non-invasive approach to structural alignment. 

Kindy Studio (47)

This course has expanded my body awareness and given me confidence to work with structural alignment using completely safe and gentle techniques! Lisa, Sheffield

  • improve hip, back, knee, shoulder and neck pain/mobility
  • see immediate changes in posture and structure which last over time
  • safe and gentle to use on most clients
  • improve your effectiveness as a practitioner to address structural misalignments
  • get your own pelvis aligned!

Course Overview

  • Hip Clearing techniques
  • Detailed evaluation of posture, joint motion and alignment
  • Muscle Energy Techniques for alignment of the hips, sacrum and lumbar spine
  • High ileum adjustment
  • Sacroiliac joint adjustment
  • Anterior/posterior rotation of one or both ilia
  • Pubic symphysis misalignment
  • Curvature of lumbar spine
  • Sacrum misalignment – 4 specific adjustments


This is a postgraduate professional development course for shiatsu and other healing bodywork practitioners.  Open to shiatsu bodyworkers, physical therapists, massage therapists, sports therapists …..

A statement will be provided as evidence of Continuing Professional Development required by the Shiatsu Society UK and other professional regulatory bodies.

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