Spine Alignment & Body Intelligence

Neck and back pain are amongst the most common reasons for people seeking bodywork treatment. Misalignment of the spine and the associated pain and reduced mobility are often a result of underlying energetic restrictions and distortions in the soft tissue and in the energy system. The most effective and lasting way to address these symptoms is to address the underlying energetic patterns.

The Governing Vessel channel flows through the spine and represents the most primitive part of the energy system (along with Conception Vessel).  It is also a component of the Central Channel, the focus of Daoist and other ancient healing practices. The flow of these channels can become disrupted or compressed through stress, accumulating over a period of time as a web of misinformation and a range of symptoms – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

The Shiatsu ShinTai  approach taught in this workshop improves the flow of these channels and releases deeply held energetic patterns, helping the person connect with their own body intelligence to find their own alignment, space and ease.

We will be practicing bodywork techniques on each other and exercises to access our own inner call towards alignment.There are no forceful adjustments! 

Body Intelligence

You will also learn to access your own body intelligence through a part of the nervous system which monitors physical, emotional and spiritual alignment. As we connect with our inner guidance we start to make our own adjustments – posture becomes more functional, and we start to make choices around food, relationships and activities which move us towards alignment and healing.

“The Information for Alignment is in the Sensation “  Saul Goodman

In this 2 day workshop:

  • Practices to develop energetic awareness and alignment of your own spine
  • Techniques to release restrictions and restore mobility of the spine and neck in a safe, non-invasive and effective way
  • Techniques for spinal twists and bends
  • Soft-tissue adjustment of specific cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
  • Adjustment of the atlas  and axis  vertebrae
  • Practices to access your own healing wisdom and the inner call towards alignment
  • Chakra activation and alignment

This workshop is for healing bodywork practitioners – shiatsu, massage, craniosacral, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, yoga, zero balance … any bodyworker interested in connecting to a deeper potential within themselves and their clients.

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A statement of completion will be provided as evidence of Continuing Professional Development required by the Shiatsu Society UK and other professional regulatory bodies.

An approach which holds such respect for the body’s own potential for healing, allowing the receiver to find their best way back to alignment” Llio, shiatsu practitioner