Shiatsu & ShinTai Supervision & Support

These classes offer a space to learn, grow and evolve, refine our skills and understanding, support each other and come together as a community.

They are open to all levels of experience, whether you’ve only attended an introductory class or you have many years of experience. If you’ve participated in an online course this is also a great opportunity to get practical experience in a group under direct supervision.

Receiving treatments is an essential part of our personal and professional development, and of course connecting with the Shiatsu community to share and support is just priceless!

Come & join us! We’d love to see you!

Private Tuition 

I offer individual and small group tuition customised to yourspecific needs. Please Contact Me to discuss your requirements and to arrange a session.

Central Channel Review Day    22 Jan 2018

Open to anyone who has attended a Central Channel course and in preparation for the Advanced Central Channel training in March 2018.
From experience (my own and students) I know those who are using this work effectively to create transformation in their clients have repeated and reviewed the material several times.  Each review brings more clarity and efficiency and is an opportunity to get your own system clear and back on track.  Remember, it’s difficult to clear a stage until you’ve cleared it from your own energetic system. This is an ongoing process of self-healing and reflects out into how you serve your clients. It’s also a great opportunity to receive a treatment and connect to more spaciousness, ease and flow in body and life.
  • Refine diagnosis and recognising the Phases of Motion
  • Get clear on stages, challenges and contacts
  • Refine your contacts to improve connection
  • Proprioceptive exercises
  • Receive a treatment and get your own system clear!
  • Reconnect with the ShinTai community and share treatments and experiences (priceless!!)

Venue:  Nottingham Buddhist Centre NG1 1PH

10am – 5.30pm       £85  (£40 deposit to reserve a place)

Deep Dive class   Mon 5 Feb 

A space to learn, grow and evolve, refine our skills and understanding, support each other and come together as a community on a regular basis. We will dive deeper into a particular aspect and the theme for this one will be Neck & Spine Alignment. You will also have the opportunity to practice and receive guidance on any aspect of ShinTai, and receive a treatment swap.

10am – 5.30pm  £85.  (£40 deposit to reserve a place)   Nottingham Buddhist Centre

ShinTai Treatment Masterclass

23 Jan 2018

6 Feb 2018          

Receive a treatment and also observe me treating 3 other people. You will see how I integrate ShinTai into my treatments, diagnosis and treatment flow. The intimate group setting amplifies the energetic vibration and often makes for a powerful experience. These are always very popular – maximum 4 participants.

10am – 3.30pm  £75    These are held at my home clinic in Nottingham