Conception Vessel & Hara

16-18 June & 7-9 July  Nottingham, UK

The governing vessel (GV) and the conception vessel (CV) begin to flow at the time of conception and form the most primitive part of the energy system or “primary information system”. Together they form the Central Channel, central to Daoist and other ancient energy healing practices.

The flow of these channels can become disrupted or compressed through stress, accumulating over a period of time as a web of misinformation and a range of symptoms – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.  Shiatsu Shin Tai offers a  highly effective protocol of energy bodywork for re-establishing flow in this system.

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Kindy Teaching (16)

The Conception Vessel & Hara course teaches an approach to the treatment of the conception vessel via the hara. In oriental philosophy the Hara (abdomen) is considered to represent a microcosm of the whole person – physical, mental. emotional and their life situation. In the ShinTai approach the Hara and hip structure is considered to be a  manifestation of the Conception Vessel. So treating this area of the body improves the flow of Life Force through the Conception Vessel. Hara treatment offers one of the most effective tools for the practitioner. In recent years, with so much emphasis on Hara diagnosis, there has been a danger that the art of Hara treatment (Ampuku) has been overlooked.

Participants in this workshop will be able to add a truly powerful healing modality to their professional protocol.

The hips are the structural aspect of the hara. Working with the hips and Hara can benefit digestive,  hormonal, nervous and circulatory problems, as well as reproductive and sexual function for women and men. This course teaches specific evaluation and treatment to align and mobilise the hip joints.  A healthy hara/conception vessel flow is vital for a person’s physical well-being, as well as their ability to manifest dreams, images, and intentions into their life reality.



  • Traditional Hara diagnosis
  • Hara treatment for increasing resonance and recovering Life Force
  • Hara treatment for improving circulation
  • Hara treatment for digestion and elimination
  • Hara treatment for neuro-muscular pain
  • Conception vessel and fascia work
  • Treatment of the chest and throat
  • Passive adjustment of the hip structure
  • Release of the psoas muscle


  • Relationship between the ovum, ovulation, conception vessel, hara and digestive system
  • Relationship between the conception vessel and hara
  • The connection between hip joints and the hara
  • The role of the hara in life manifestation

Evaluation Tools

  • Hara diagnosis
  • Walking diagnosis
  • Hip evaluation
  • Supine Leg Length check

What can this course offer you?

  • You will become a better bodyworker and achieve more results in less time with your clients.
  • You will gain skills to give a very effective healing session
  • You will understand the underlying philosophy of what you are doing and why it liberates the flow of life force.
  • You will develop and expand into a higher sense perception that will give you the capacity to give deeply transformative treatments and assist in your own self development.
  • You will learn a set of skills to develop you as a practitioner and contribute to the well-being of our world.

Dates: 16-18 June & 7-9 July

Venue  Nottingham Buddhist Centre NG1 1PH

Investment:    Early bird discount £490 paid in full by 19 March.  £540 thereafter.

£270 if repeating the course.   Payment in installments available.

Please ask for information about local accomodation and travel.

This is a professional development course for shiatsu bodyworkers, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, nurses, cranio-sacral therapists. Many people also attend for their own healing or personal development.

A statement of completion will be provided as evidence of Continuing Professional Development required by the Shiatsu Society UK and other professional regulatory bodies.

Kindy Kaur MRSS(T) is a transformational bodywork therapist & teacher, specialising in Shiatsu, ShinTai and energy healing practices. She is former Principal & Director of the British School of Shiatsu-Do in Nottingham and a registered Teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK and the British School of Shiatsu-Do. Kindy teaches courses in the UK and Europe and offers Shiatsu ShinTai treatments and supervision at her clinic in Nottingham.